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Get involved or support RJP – and Restorative Justice in our community – by becoming a volunteer mediator, advocating for RJ, donating, and other ways! RJP is a community organization and your participation and support keeps us going. Please see (and ‘Like’!) our Facebook page for updates.

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Volunteer mediators are key to the success of restorative justice in the community, by the community. RJP offers mediator trainings. RJP, Inc. invites you to become a volunteer mediator. Conflict effects everyone. Wish you could do more to make things as right as possible? BECOME A VOLUNTEER MEDIATOR! Volunteer mediators get the opportunity to work directly with first time juvenile offenders (minors under the age of 18 who receive a citation from the police), victims and their families in hope to come together in mediation to make things as right as possible. Victims can be heard, gain back strength and closure. Offenders are accountable, gain empathy and can create reparation in themselves, the victim and community. We also work on many school cases.
FACT: Over 90% of our offenders do not re-offend and are able to move forward in their young lives with out having to go through the judicial system. Most of our cases are, vandalism, theft (store theft as well), and battery. Our mediators consist of a wide group of individuals. From young college students to experienced retired community members. You must be over the age of 18 and attend all 3 classes, we will feed you too! This is a great way to polish up your resume. It is also great if you are interested in the criminal justice system as we work with law enforcement.
If you are interested in learning more on how you can become a volunteer mediator for Restorative Justice Partners, Please contact Veronica Miramontes at


Victim Impact Speakers of The Victim Impact Program (VIP) is an opportunity for crime victims to tell their story and be heard by offenders in a safe environment. When faced with real victims, offenders empathize and learn to take responsibility for their actions. VIP and similar programs have proven to reduce recidivism and criminality.
Every victim matters. No offense is too small, even those never reported. Support and guidance provided. 

El programa de Impacto a víctimas (VIP) es una oportunidad para que las voces de las víctimas sean escuchadas por ofensores juveniles en un entorno seguro. Cuando los ofensores ven a las víctimas y escuchan sus historias, simpatizan y toman responsabilidad por sus acciones. Programas similares han comprobado que se reduce la reincidencia y la criminalidad. ¡Cada víctima importa! Cualquier ofensa, aunque sea pequeña es importante, incluyendo las no denunciadas. Apoyo y entrenamiento serán proveídos a los oradores voluntarios de VIP.

Your support is needed to enhance, strengthen, and expand restorative justice work in Monterey County.