Board of Directors

Peggy Schmidt (President)
Peggy SchmidtPeggy’s involvement in RJP, Inc. began by participating in a VORP mediator training. After seeing a statement which read something like “find what breaks your heart and then get busy,” Peggy considered the issues that affect people’s lives and decided that she wanted to work in a constructive way to reduce conflict. Peggy joined the board in the fall of 2012. “I still volunteer as a mediator. I feel that I’m making a positive difference in the lives of the people who participate in the RJP, Inc. programs and in the community.”  Peggy hopes for the future a reduction of conflict in our communities and the wider world. In the early 1970’s, she moved from Emporia, Kansas to Washington, D.C. to work as office administrator for Ralph Nader.

Stan Armstead (Vice President)
Educational Counselor, Monterey Peninsula College
Stan Armstead“RJP, Inc. is a healing component in our community and that in itself will always be hope for the future.” Stan has a passion to work with individuals from diverse communities to bring about a change in their lives to improve the quality of life for them and their community. He was recommended to RJP, Inc. by two outstanding community leaders: Mrs. Marie Jealous and Mr. Mel Mason. “RJP, Inc. gives individuals an atmosphere and opportunity to make their amends to people, families and businesses that they have harmed. RJP, Inc. sets in motion the healing process that is so needed throughout our community here in Monterey County. It brings together all parts of our community for this common goal.” Stan believes both professional and personal experiences can be used as resources on many of RJP, Inc.’s projects. He strongly supports education as a means to solve many of today’s problems. Stan is a member of an anonymous recovery program. The skills that Stan has developed over the past 19 years is another resource that he brings to RJP, Inc. “It is a joy with purpose to be involved with RJP, Inc.”

Jennifer Butz (Treasurer)
Deputy Probation Officer
Jennifer became involved in RJP, Inc. after she was selected as the Restorative Justice Coordinator for the Monterey County Probation Department in April 2001. Jennifer became a board member on the then named Community Justice Conferencing of the Central Coast (CJCCC) and the secretary of the Community Restorative Justice Commission (CRJC). “My role on the board brings perspective from the criminal justice arena as well as a historical perspective as we have come very far in the last 13 years.” Jennifer’s hope for the future is that RJP, Inc. continues to grow and spread the word and philosophy of restorative practices and it becomes the norm instead of the alternative.

Tom Korper (Secretary)
Business Owner
Tom KorperTom’s initial involvement was when Carmel Chief of Police, Don Fusselier, invited (circa 2002) members of the community to get involved and become Victim Offender Reconciliation Program (VORP) mediators. Tom loves to participate in the VORP Program and the organization (RJP, Inc.) whose aim is to help reduce conflict and to give our youth and public schools the tools for transformation through “RJ in the Schools.” Tom has great respect for the women that have led the organization, such as Connie White, Elizabeth Husby, and our current leader, Jennie W. Burciaga. Tom hopes with a board that is growing, to be able to be a “bridge” as RJP, Inc. continues to expand. “The sky is the limit for RJP, Inc. and Restorative Justice!” Tom emigrated with his wife and two daughters from Argentina 32 years ago and has an established business in Carmel.

Pascuala Rios
Deputy Probation Officer
Pascuala was assigned as the Restorative Justice Coordinator through the Monterey County Probation Department. As a board member, Pascuala serves the community of Monterey County to ensure that everyone receives the most efficient and professional services possible and that the services are delivered in a timely manner. Ensuring the safety of the community and that progress is being made towards a better environment for the best community possible. “It is a holistic approach to deal with conflict, a collective way of restoring damages and an opportunity for everyone involved to begin to heal and move forward positively; only leaving behind a sense of community.” Pascuala hopes that RJP, Inc. grows in a sustainable manner so that every qualified community member of Monterey County can receive its services. Pascuala highly enjoys coaching/watching volleyball and the outdoors – running, hiking, river rafting and snorkeling.

La’Quana Williams
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Sally Tirado
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Charles DaSilva
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Hilda Huerta
hilda-huertaEducation and Curriculum, Salinas City Elementary School District